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Lisa Betz-Marquez

Life Transformation Coach and Healer



Lisa seems to know, intuitively, just what each person in her group needs. I have personally made noticeable progress in stress reduction, energy, body contour, flexibility, balance, and general well being in just six months. With Lisa I have developed a routine that will last me a lifetime. Thanks Lisa!

Connie Wiedeman



Hi Lisa, thank you again for the Reiki session yesterday. It definitely brought up a lot of things for me and showed me where I need to continue working at. I definitely wasn’t planning on being so emotional lol but thank you for holding such a beautiful place and presence where people can come to you in their vulnerability and be safe and process their healing/thriving journeys. I am forever grateful for your assistance in my transformation. Thank you!


   I am waking up every single day and thanking God for you and the things you have led me to learn. For over a year, I was downright suicidal. I never said that straight to you but that was why I came to meet with you for Reiki. After meeting with you, I’ve felt those dark things less and less each week, to where now it has been almost 30 days straight without a bad day. I’ve never understood depression and I get it now... I also didn’t think I would make it out. I’m SO grateful God led me to read your article about Reiki. My life is forever better.


I was fortunate enough to spend the month practicing yoga here as well as receiving Reiki from Lisa, learning Reiki 1 from her, and taking Transformational Breath Work. The yoga classes were great to center myself as well as focus on my balance, and take care of my physical body. Reiki was great to heal myself and find the root causes of some of my energy blockages. The Transformational Breath Work was new for me to try, and I loved it! It was a great way to spend my evening, I blindfolded myself for a couple of hours and let the music encompass me. I was rewarded with diving much deeper than my day-to-day thoughts and to allow my psyche to open. Also, found that my balance is quite good without eyesight! This class allowed me to move freely and know that no one there was judging me, not even myself.

Carson Hutchinson

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Emotional Eating and Body Image

   I have noticed a significant difference since my first NLP session with Lisa. My awareness of emotional eating and working through how I feel about my body image has made me more aware of making better food choices, as well as have more control. The most change I’ve had is I feel a calm about myself I’ve not felt in years. I noticed I am driving better which is a biggie for me. I feel more happiness in my soul. It kinda freaks me out how this calm and happiness has not left me since the first NLP secession. To be able to have someone help take you deep into your subconscious mind has been very interesting.


Auditory Panic Trigger


   It has been about three weeks since my NLP session to work on hypersensitivity to noise.  Now I don't notice children or feel the need to be aware of them to protect myself from their unexpected noises. The sound of loud motorcycles or vehicle motors no longer bothers me.  Before, the noise would cause an irritated, jittery response. Now, it's not important.  The miracle of NLP is that it resets automatic responses that don't work for us without talking and thinking about and telling our story again and again.  It brings tears of relief to think that with NLP we can have real, true peace at last.    



PTSD from War and Childhood Trauma 


   My wife Lisa suggested Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  She had to win my trust because even married couples have their individual boundaries. She introduced me to Yoga more than a year and half ago, which worked its magic. Since then, I stand lighter in several ways. I’m more confident. Plunging into the depths of “self” can take a lot of work, but unless you do that work your life remains stagnant. Sitting on the sidelines is no way to go through life. Facing yourself in the mirror, lovingly, is one of the toughest things to do.

   I agreed to look at what had been causing my anxiety, not just the text book version of what happens to Army dudes like myself after they come back from war and experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I stood and sat alone in corners away from large crowds, heart beating at a rapid pace for a long time. My body was not in a calm place, therefore the words that flowed from my mouth, if anyone approached me to have a normal peaceful conversation, came out staccato (stutters, stammers), and routinely did not make sense.

  When Lisa suggested I try Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), I figured, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? She sat me down at the dining table, I closed my eyes. She guided me through the memories of experiences that were obviously buried, which I then was able to shape into proper perspective. Those experiences were tied to extreme judgements. Fifteen minutes later, she was done. I was able to sort of normalize relations with myself. I opened my eyes, and reported feeling as though my heart had flipped, literally and well, figuratively, too.

   A few days later, we attended a housewarming party with more than 30 people, and lo and behold, I was calm. I felt like I could be myself and breathe normally. I wasn’t poking at my wife to leave the moment we walked through the door like I had in the past. I was able to meet people's eyes and see their souls, their spirits. I know that sounds a little odd, but that’s the best way I can describe it. Now, I think of the fun I could have had if I had stayed at each one of those parties in the past, what rich conversations could have been had. Or, on the other hand, felt no qualms about walking away from conversations, too.

   Today, I simply feel free—unburdened. I face each day absorbing moments, instead of watching the clock, rushing through the day, hoping it’ll be over soon. I can breathe.



"I have participated in archetypal gesture with Lisa two times. The very first time was a profound and deeply healing experience for me. I found the movements simple, and easy to remember, even though I was sure I would forget them. I instantly connected with the closest person to my heart that was causing me pain at the moment. We had a beautiful exchange while meeting on the astral plane. I had a huge emotional release, as did the person I was communicating with. It completely altered our present day relationship, and enhanced it. The archetypal gesture class is more powerful and healing than I can explain in words. I have incorporated the movements into my every day life, and practice them often."


"I am a professional actor and artist, and Lisa's Archetypal Gesture workshop was a profound opportunity for deep personal exploration, healing, and artistic growth. This workshop is an incredible resource when you know it's time to face the obstacles that are keeping you from moving forward. Lisa brings deep empathy to all of her sessions, and her AG is structured so thoughtfully and carefully, so that all participants experience a sense of safety and privacy, allowing both the control and the freedom to explore the gestures to their deepest levels. For performance artists (dance, theatre, voice) seeking to break down blocks in your work, this workshop is SO valuable! Lisa is totally dedicated to finding the pulse where mind, body, breath, and spirit intersect and anchor our purest creative energies! Her workshops will push you to break through whatever walls you're up against, reintegrate all of those strands of creativity, and reconnect you with that transcendence that we've all experienced in our most profound moments of artistry, when it all comes together. If you're seeking the next level in your journey, this is a really cool way to get there!"


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