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Awaken your senses to the magic of Rose Hill's Peaceful Prairie at Valley View Farm

Gering, Nebraska

Experience the healing song of the prairie grasses. Your spirit will soar like the sweeping landscape of Rose Hill after a weekend of camping on the Peaceful Prairie at Valley View Farm. 


Nestled at the south bank of the South Bluff (part of the chain of bluff formations known as Scotts Bluff National Monument), we’ll spend two nights and two days (Friday-Sunday) communing with the spirits of the land on Lisa Betz-Marquez and Frank’s Marquez's farm.


Lay on the prairie and watch the hawks circling as you contemplate life and the messages in the clouds.  Let the meadowlarks put a song in your heart as your eyes take in the profound beauty of God's creation.  Under the starry night sky, we’ll enjoy fire, friendship and music, perhaps even a song from the coyotes.


Join Lisa and her infectious love for this beautiful land for an adventure like none other. During the day we'll walk the prairie, hike the bluff, hop around on the rocks (your choice) and learn to feel the earth’s heartbeat. 


With plenty of unscheduled time, there will also be spirit offerings:  a transformational Breathwork Journey, Archetypal Gesture, Yoga, a few surprises, and perhaps even a conversation with the horses and nearby cattle, who make excellent and dare we say, compassionate listeners. 


In so many ways, you will have opportunities to unwind, relax, and allow your soul to rest in the natural rhythm of the prairie.  From the sheer feast of beauty to the delicate scent of wildflowers, to the awe-inspiring bluffs that Oregon Trail pioneers sketched and wrote poetry about in their journals, this land will capture your heart.


We’ll gather on Friday afternoon/early evening to set up camp, and begin with dinner at 6:30 p.m., enjoy an Opening Fire Circle, then celebrate with a cacao ceremony, drumming and song, individual offerings welcome.  If you need to join us later, we're happy to accommodate.

Saturday, we’ll begin with breakfast, and an introduction to resident horses, Tigger and Kit. Later that morning, we'll  take a walk/hike/climb (as you desire) into the historic bluffs.

We'll enjoy free time to do as we please until mid afternoon, when Lisa will introduce you to Archetypal Gesture as a tool for spiritual healing, protection, and empowerment. After dinner, we’ll enter into the transformational Breathwork space under the communal tent, and process around the evening's fire circle.  


Sunday, we’ll rise and enjoy an invigorating yoga practice before breakfast, then take an easy walk to the majestic Dome Rock to explore the energy vortex, before returning to break camp and enter into our closing circle.


Participants are encouraged to take their time and enjoy the prairie in whatever way they choose before leaving.

Campers can bring their own tent, or share the 19 ft Bell Tent we'll be using for breathwork and shelter in case of inclement weather.

There will be fresh, pure water from the well, and Breakfast and Dinner will be provided, sourced from local ingredients such as farm fresh eggs from Lisa and Frank's chickens, organic vegetables and greens, venison, and beans grown right here in this valley.  Lunches are on your own.

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Lisa Betz-Marquez

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June 18-20, 2021


$150 per camper

$125 per person for a couple or friend pair

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