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What to Bring to the Retreat

  • Personal Snacks, lunch items

  • Day Pack

  • Sleeping Bag/Pad

  • Pillow

  • Flash Light or headlamp

  • Watch (if you must)

  • Water Jug and Water Bottle (there is a well at base camp where you can fill up)

  • Personal Medications, aspirin, Tylenol, etc.

  • Sunglasses, Sun Screen, Lip Balm

  • Small Personal Towel / Toiletries  (There will be a porta potty on site)

  • Bug Repellent (We will have homemade Essential Oil Repellent)

  • Camera/Cell Phone/solar charger (We recommend you take an internet fast)

  • Musical Instruments:  guitar, drum, harmonica, shakers, rattles, didgeridoo, rain sticks, etc.

  • Yoga Mat

  • Personal Sacred objects.  (The vortex is a cool place to charge a crystal.)

  • Journal and pen

  • Book (if desired)



  • Long Pants

  • Hiking Boots (this is important, please bring appropriate shoes for hiking)

  • Layers for day/night

  • Fleece Jacket (possibly rain slicker or heavier coat if weather is predicted)

  • Hat for shade

  • Extra Socks

Note: There will be a Porta Potty on site.

June 18-20, 2021


$150 per camper

$125 per person for a couple or friend pair

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