Wyo-Braska Metaphysical Fair Mission:

To educate, encourage, inspire, uplift and facilitate healing for those who seek wholeness within a conscious community of kind, loving and dedicated people serving the highest good for all beings of the Earth. 


Vendors for the October 31-November 1st, 2020 Fair

Carolla's Beeswax Skin Crème
In 1983, in the beautiful, yet extremely dry, Colorado Rockies, Carol perfected a skin creme for her cracked, parched skin after years of trial and error. Her background in botany, horticulture and healing came together in her brainchild: a truly all-natural skin creme created from only 4 naturally-occurring ingredients. Anne Solis will offer Carol’s Beeswax based creme, lip balm, and other items made with beeswax such as candles, dish wraps, and more.


Mystic Lighthouse

Joseph Evens is a one-of-a-kind guide utilizing his unique gifts to assist people on their path to their best experience of life.  A former Lighthouse Keeper, Joseph is a true guide with the light he brings to each readings.

Readings by Elizabeth
Elizabeth Chambers will offer Spiritual, Tarot, Palm and Past Life Readings. She is a Reiki teacher, a High Priestess with the Wiccan Tradition, and a Unitarian.


Turtle Moon
Thuvan Ahrens specializes in metaphysical enlightened gifts to sooth the soul. She will offer gemstones, raw stones, books, salt lamps, metaphysical and spiritually enlightened gifts, gypsy clothing and accessories, and home décor such as candle holders, banners, statues, dream catchers and more.


The Centered Soul
Amy Eisaman and Shaylee Nicole will offer energetic healings, readings, and Akashic Record consultations.


Spirit Closure with Cheri
Cher Huss helps people connect with loved ones on other side, working with angels for healing, closure, and moving forward. Oracle cards are used for guidance. Cheri will be offering Intuitive, psychic mediumship, Oracle, Tarot.


Healing with Michelle
Michelle Adams offers help in healing the past with the Akashic Records.


Ravenstar Shamanic Healing

Inanna Ravenstar offers Native American shamanic techniques to clear energy fields while receiving channeled messages from guides and angels.


FullMoon Hypnosis
It is Joshua Bandy’s mission to help others connect with their inner resources and higher self. He will be offering Pastlife Hypnosis and HypnoTarot throughout the weekend.


Juice Plus - Tower Garden

Susan Steel has been a Juice Plus Partner inspiring healthy living for 8 years. Losing her mother and brother to cancer has been her inspiration to help others.  Susan will offer Whole food nutrition and Aeroponic Tower Gardens to inspire healthy living.

Golden Light Reiki

Sherri Martz is a Shaman and Reiki Master offering past life readings, Angel messages, clearing past life karma, and Balancing Chakras,

Juliana McKiney is a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA a world-wide essential oil company that is changing the world one drop of oil at a time. She will offer doTERRA essential oils and supplies to help promote overall natural health and wellness.

Wyoming Handcrafted
Jim and Sue Achenbach offer Magnetic Jewelry that reduces pain and promotes healing.


Sacred Bio-Energy Journey, LLC
Michael Watts will clear, charge, balance and repair chakras, clear negative energies and disruptions in the seven aura bodies on the spiritual, mental, emotional & physical levels. Michael has 15 years of experience: 3 years at WakePoint School of Natural Energy Healing (Modules 1-11), Usui Reiki Master & Shamanic Practitioner in the Peruvian Q'ero tradition (Mesa carrier, Munay Ki, Shamanic Mesayok & Kurak A'kullaq (Wisdom Keeper) Rights initiated).


A J Designs FreqE1.com

Alan Drobnak creates quantum scalar infused copper ring devices which serve to assist our mental, physical and spiritual well-being.  Alan’s research into Tesla, Rife, Emoto, Spurling, Russian discoveries, current quantum biologists and ancient tools afforded him the pathway to electronically infuse benevolent quantum scalar frequencies into copper tensor ring devices. The infused frequencies interact with our metabolism regardless of the belief system of the individual because our biology innately knows and seeks to be in harmony its healthy state. This is assistance on a higher dimensional level which interacts with our physical body, mental state and higher self. He is grateful to a higher source for this path and the ability to share these tools which assist our well-being. Feeling is believing. 

Natural Crafts & Healing
Autumn Hanzes will offer Usui Reiki healing, and a variety of crystals, jewelry, and metaphysical gifts.


K&K Minerals and Fossils

Kim and Kathy Nielsen collect, buy and sell their rocks, crystals, gems and jewelry at gem and mineral shows throughout the Midwest. They also travel throughout the western United States to collect their own minerals and fossils to offer at their booth. They will be offering a wide variety of outstanding bounty from the earth.

About Organizer Lisa Betz-Marquez

Lisa is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Yoga Teacher, and NLP Practitioner, among other things... It is her great joy to provide this weekend's practitioners with space to share their collective wisdom, healing and artistic gifts with the community.  Lisa teaches regular yoga classes at Prairie Arts Yoga in Gering. She also works with individuals one-on-one to help them be free of inherited beliefs, patterns, and behaviors that hold them back from their best possible experience of life.  Lisa works in concert with spirit guidance from Jesus, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Archangel Michael each time she works with others.  Step into the light of healing, forgiveness, faith, and love of God's creation within you.

We hope you enjoy the fair!