Be Free Breathwork, a journey of transformation

Discover the ancient power of the breath with this blindfolded group experience set within a sacred space of allowance, acceptance and love. The power of the breath brings an altered state of consciousness, prompting a deep dive into the self, which can bring the release of stuck energy, vision questing, a sense of lightness, relaxation and healing. No experience is ever the same. 

Each breathwork experience begins with a sacred circle for sharing of intention, before a blindfolded musical journey into the self, lasting approximately 1+ hour. The musical playlist will feature the masterful creations of Daniel Donovan. Following the blindfolded journey is A 20-minute period of art processing or journaling in silence. A processing circle will conclude the experience.


Held on a monthly basis at the studio, the self investment cost is $25. 


All Be Free Breathwork Journey events are held at the Crystal Clear Healing Center.  Space is limited and these events do sell out, so don't delay, register now by paying $25 to 308-672-1114 at, or pay cash in hand at Crystal Clear Health and Healing Center.

Preregistration is required


Crystal Clear Healing Center

Address:  15 West 16th Street, Scottsbluff