Wyo-Braska Metaphysical Fair Health and Safety Guidelines

1.    Signs will be posted on the outside doors encouraging patrons to stop and not enter if they are ill, have been exposed to someone ill, or who has recently tested positive for Covid.

2.    There will be one dedicated Entrance Door, and one dedicated Exit Door.

3.    Masks will be available at the greeting table, as will anti-bacterial gel.

4. At the greeting table, fair-goers will be reminded to observe social distancing practices.

We encourage everyone to remember that you are responsible for your own health. We also encourage everyone to be a good neighbor: if you are ill, please stay at home. If you have been exposed to someone who is or has recently been ill, please stay at home. 


We will continue to operate the Wyo-Braska Fairs each spring and fall, and there will always be a fair for you to enjoy if you have to sit this one out.  God bless.