Awaken your transformation with sacred ceremony at beautiful Rose Hill

Spend three days and two nights of awakening transformation and ceremony during the Autumnal Equinox on the beautiful prairie of Rose Hill at Valley View Farm. 


We’ll meet Friday afternoon to set up camp, and begin with an Equinox Opening Fire Ceremony at 8 p.m., then celebrate with drumming, song, and free form storytelling.  We will enjoy a nearly full moon during this weekend.


Saturday, we’ll begin with an optional hike in the hills and beautiful bluffs that were significant landmarks on the Oregon Trail during westward expansion. Alexandra will take you through a Shadow Workshop before lunch, and after lunch, Lisa will introduce you to Archetypal Gesture as a tool for releasing or revising soul contracts. After dinner, we’ll enter into the Transformational Breathwork space, and process around the evening fire circle, closing with drumming and individual offerings.  


Sunday, we’ll rise and enjoy an invigorating yoga practice before breakfast. The retreat will finish with a communal breakfast and closing circle. Participants are encouraged to take their time and enjoy a hike if they like before leaving.


Bring a tent, camping supplies, food,/cooking supplies (over fire), refillable drinking water containers, long pants and boots for hiking, insect repellant, sunscreen, shade hat, jacket for chilly evenings.  Be sure to bring your yoga mat, drum, any musical instruments you like.




Friday night

5 p.m. Arrival and camp set up

8 p.m. Equinox Opening Fire Ceremony



7 a.m. Optional Guided Hike

Hiking/free time/ exploration  

10-noon Shadow Work

Lunch/Free Time

2-5 pm Archetypal Gesture


Dinner/Free Time

7 p.m. Transformational Breathwork

Evening Fire/Singing/Drumming/Offerings



8-9:30 am yoga


closing circle

Take your time leaving


Self Investment Cost:  $225